Basic module

Pro X Smart Factory

With Pro X Smart Factory always three steps ahead!!

Pro X Smart Factory is a very user-friendly solution, designed together with practitioners for daily use in the manufacturing sector. The aim is to create meaningful transparency without overwhelming the respective user with a flood of data.

The basic module contains all the modules required for the system to function. With the reporting tool, you can obtain the desired key figures with just a few clicks. For example, the following key figures are available as standard: Availability, OEE, performance, cycle times, set-up times ....


Machine operator

Production Manager





CIP Manager

Shopfloor Pro X Smart Factory

System structure - our modular system with central database.

The right solution for every requirement - our modular system makes it possible. Many ideas and wishes only arise during installation. Thanks to its flexible structure, our MES Pro X Smart Factory grows with customer requirements.

In this way, every customer gets the "Industry 4.0" that makes sense for them.

Risk-free trial installation

So that you can convince yourself of the benefits of our system,
we will be happy to carry out an inexpensive, non-binding and therefore risk-free
trial installation in your company.

Rental or leasing are also possible on request - talk to us!

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