The MESProX System

Das MES mit dem


innovative, modern, flexible and practical… always 3 steps ahead in: availability, performance and quality

The MESProX System

The MES with the X-Factor

innovative, modern, flexible and practical… always 3 steps ahead in: availability, performance and quality


Learn how to increase productivity, reduce production times and lower costs: produce more efficiently and strengthen competitiveness with PROMATIX.

Our software solution:


Choose the MES solution that comes closest to your specific requirements. Our MES – PRO X Smart Factory is flexible and modular. It can be installed in segments, depending on your needs.

  • simple input masks GUI
  • Time-accurate recording of machine running times and downtimes
  • Automatic assignment of machine states
  • intuitive operator guidance
  • Performance evaluation
  • Evaluation of the plant availability
  • CIP evaluation - CIP generator, precise weak point analysis
  • Overall equipment effectiveness GAE
  • OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Capture interruption causes automatically and via input
  • Order data, product, quantity, order number
  • Standard times per operation
  • Standard times for set-up
  • Docview document display, for set-up, process data, quality data, assembly
  • Recording of number of pieces, cycle times, set-up times, system runtime
  • Dynamic comparison of the collected data for planning
  • Order bookings in ERP automatically
  • Alarm function in case of deviation
  • Collecting energy data
  • Recording of consumables
  • Recording of auxiliary materials
  • Display of plant availability in real time, shift-related
  • Display of the system interruption
  • Display of the system status in real time
  • Display of the order history
  • Display shift history cumulative
  • Display current order and current product
  • Display of remaining time per operation
  • Display quality data
  • OEE display online dynamic
  • Automatic acquisition of quality data from test systems
  • Archiving and management of quality data
  • Digital checklists
  • Proactive information management
  • Threshold value monitoring with stop function
  • Samples with documentation AQL
  • First Pass Yield FPI
  • Control of the process parameters
  • Display of quality data on Online Monitor
  • Current resource overview
  • Availability staff
  • Availability plants
  • Availability material
  • Availability of operating resources
  • Interactive planning
  • Transparent, freely scalable display of the results
  • Early detection of deviation
  • Gantt plan
  • Planning against limited capacities
  • Acquisition and archiving of process data with time stamp from process machines
  • Recording and archiving of material data with batches and serial numbers
  • Serial number generator
  • Process interlock
  • Serial numbers and batch tracking
  • Recording and archiving of quality data
  • Reverse search with query tool
  • Integration of scanning and printing systems
  • Service plans / maintenance plans
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Planned maintenance
  • Alerting, automatic service call
  • Service Call via Dashboard
  • Electronic logbook with history
  • Ticket System
  • Requests and task management
  • Management of open service calls
  • Pareto and pivot evaluations
  • Integration MDE
  • Calendar, runtime, counter trigger
  • Spare parts management
  • Automatic identification of improvement potentials
  • The duration and frequency of the "losses" are shown exactly
  • Automatic display of whether losses are systematic or one-off events
  • Full support in the selection of the CIP project
  • Easy determination of the top five
  • Checking whether the measures introduced are also effective "Six Sigma".
  • positive results within a short time

PROMATIX GmbH, based in Laupheim, Germany, offers its customers the tools they need to use their resources effectively in the production area and to avoid waste.

The modular Manufacturing Execution System PRO X SmartFactory digitalises production processes and offers every participant in the value creation process the right tool – from planning to shipping.

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