Industry 4.0 is not just a buzzword, but a set goal in many companies, as the possibilities for automation are more diverse today than ever before. An essential building block for production in Industry 4.0 is automated machines and systems on the one hand, and an automated flow of information on the other.

With PRO X XL, PROMATIX has created the right tool for Industry 4.0 to control plants and organise communication between the plants, the product and the customer's planning tool.

Process production steps automatically.

With the PRO X XL module, PROMATIX creates communication between product, order, plant technology and PPS in Industry 4.0 by monitoring and controlling the process sequence. In this way, different orders with different products are processed one after the other in automated production steps without human intervention. PRO X XL takes over the coordination and control of the systems. Typically, suitable production processes are operated in this way in so-called "ghost shifts" without the support of production staff using the PRO X XL module.

Using data twice for control and analysis in Industry 4.0

PRO X XL records all data from the connected machines and systems in real time and offers numerous options for data output and analysis, both for acute cases and for systematic shop floor management. Adaptation of the system to individual customer specifications and production reality can be easily implemented on request.

Automated data collection and evaluation consistently contributes to increased productivity in Industry 4.0. A wide variety of automated machines and production lines can be recorded with just one system. A connection to higher-level systems, such as SAP, is possible so that target values for line performance can be taken over directly.


PRO_X_Datenfluss Industrie 4.0

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For Industry 4.0

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