Basic module

Pro X Smart Factory

With Pro X Smart Factory always three steps ahead!!
Pro X Smart Factory is a very user-friendly solution, designed together with practitioners for daily use in the manufacturing sector.
The aim is to create meaningful transparency without overwhelming the respective user with a flood of data.

The basic module contains all the modules required for the system to function. With the reporting tool, you can obtain the desired key figures with just a few clicks. For example, the following key figures are available as standard: Availability, OEE, performance, cycle times, set-up times ....


Machine operator

Production Manager





CIP Manager

Shopfloor Pro X Smart Factory

System structure - our modular system with central database.

Für jede Anforderung die richtige Lösung – unser modularer Baukasten macht es möglich. Viele Ideen und Wünsche entstehen erst bei der Installation. Durch die flexible Struktur wächst unser MES System mit den Kundenanforderungen.

So bekommt jeder Kunde die „Digitalisierung“ die auch zu den Produktionsprozessen passen. 

Risk-free trial installation

So that you can convince yourself of the benefits of our system,
we will be happy to carry out an inexpensive, non-binding and therefore risk-free
trial installation in your company.

Rental or leasing are also possible on request - talk to us!

Offer of a personal interview

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