The digital transformation enables proactive processes.

Automation in production goes hand in hand with the digital transformation of companies. This results in fundamental changes in structures and processes:

  • the predominantly technical orientation of production involves more organisational-human factors
  • Functional structures become process-oriented systems
  • Predominantly reactive processes become proactive processes


In the course of automation in production, above all, an automated flow of information must be available that takes the digital transformation into account. For many production companies, this initially means doing away with paper lists and protocols and recording and making available all production-related data in digital form.

With PRO X XL, PROMATIX has created a tool for this purpose that collects data from all machines and plants in industrial operations 4.0 in real time and makes it available at any time for evaluations or production control. In addition, the PRO X XL tool controls the production process between the different plants.

Information flows automate.

Experts still see the potential for automation in production primarily in the design of information flows. Software therefore plays a key role in the digital transformation: whether planning systems, process visualisation, process control, quality control loops or information management - PROMATIX tools can be integrated in a variety of ways into existing systems, such as SAP, and used to control or monitor the production process.

Automation in production can be made productive through ongoing data collection and evaluation.


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